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Vintage Magazines and Comic Art E-Books
Using magazines from the 1950s, 1960s and other decades as source material, we create digital, ebook versions and deliver them quickly by download link. Gene Bilbrew Eneg, Eric Stanton and Bill Ward art and the publications of Leonard Burtman and Irving Klaw are sources of ebook content. 20th century fetish ephemera, such as, Exotique, Leg Show and Bizarre Life magazines along with Nutrix, Mutrix, HOM and Eros Goldstripe titles, express pin-up, fetish, femdom and transvestite themes.

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Delivery by Link-to-Download

Within 12 hours (two hours in most cases) of receipt of payment, you will be sent links that enable you to download your ebooks in .pdf file format from a reliable file transfer service website. We use the email address you provide during checkout as the email destination address for your link unless you specify otherwise.


— Gene Bilbrew art
— Carlo art
— Glen art
— Gregor art
— Harry art
— Jay art
— Jim art
— John Lyons art
— Marculeta art
— Mario art
— RAM art
— Rex art
— Rubex art
— Joe Shuster art
— Eric Stanton art
— Bill Ward art
— John Willie art

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