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Bizarre Costume Catalog
no publisher shown, likely Burtman-related
c. 1966

plus bonus
Theatrical Footwear Catalog
no publisher shown, likely Fine Craft
c. 1960

digital replica
optimized for ebook viewing

The back cover of Bizarre Costume Catalog has a box that seems intended to accommodate a company sticker or rubber stamp impression, but no company name or address appears on any of its 96 pages. If it were ever shipped as a catalog, rather than a fetish parade magazine, the envelope probably contained a price list and order form.

On most pages, a model poses while wearing a product or ensemble. With plain backgrounds, the photography looks like it was done for a catalog. About half the pages have text that provides the product name, number and a description.

Factors that connect this square-bound booklet to Mr. Burtman, publisher of Bizarre Life magazine, are

— the proliferation of pages on which his wife, Tana Louise, appears,
— pages contain photos that appeared in his magazines
— pages contain illustrations by Gene Bilbrew that were included in his publications
— pages contain illustrations by Eric Stanton that were included in his publications

Although conscientiously reproduced, nicely-done and mostly familiar, the drawings don't picture any products, nor are they accompanied by names, descriptions or model numbers.

Pretty Tana Louise and her svelte sisterhood show us how they look in undies made of genuine leather, vinyl-patent, satin-lastex, and finest kidskin. These items include bras, panties, six-strap garter belts, cinchers, and corsets.

Most dresses, pants and vests are made of vinyl-patent and satin-lastex. A large cape with hood was fashion of thick, polished Indiana rubber.

The catalog also presents shoes, boots, gloves and hosiery.

bonus content
All 16 pages of Theatrical Footwear Catalog are appended to the digital replica of Bizarre Costume Catalog. Attractive models such as Yvonne Holden wear exotic shoes and boots with high heels and full-fashioned nylons.

The digital replica has all pages of both catalogs in the original sequence. The layouts of a few pages were revised to facilitate fit. Brightness and contract were adjusted and many spots re-touched. A few of the pictures may show texture, patterns or soft edges.

All new scans.

The optimized version disassembles pages and places each picture on a separate ebook page. All the photos in Theatrical Footwear Catalog follow the photos in Bizarre Costume Catalog. About 60 pages of illustrations fill the last of the 210+ pages.

Optimized ebook pages are sized to permit enlarged repetitions of fetish details, such as corsets, stockings, gloves and footwear. Enlargements of parts of both photos and art appear next to the complete image or on following pages. All pictures on the right were taken from the optimized iteration.

The originals were intended to accommodate the interests of fetishists with pictures of sexy posers in fetish finery. The form of these booklets and their exotic images place them in the same genre as Exotique or the Connoisseur Series, except catalogs have less prose and no pretense of being a periodical.

Fetishists will recognize the dynamic motif here: enhance the femininity of curvaceous young women with figure-flattering undergarments and high-heeled footwear. This unique ebook product presents anonymous erotic antiquity with convenience and clarity.

historical note
Yogi Klein, cousin of Mr. Burtman, spoke of his techniques for merchandising Bizarre Costume Catalog in an interview with Dr. Bienvenu. That conversation is included in Bienvenu Dissertation2-2 Multimedia_Acrobat 6.pdf, [click in blue box, top of page 231] available from a link found here:


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