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Blunder Broad - Seven Binds
by Eric Stanton

a collection of Blunder Broad episodes:
Blunder Broad - Chapter 5
Blunder Broad - Chapter 6
Blunder Broad - Chapter 7
Blunder Broad - Chapter 8
Blunder Broad - Chapter 9
Blunder Broad - Chapter 10
Blunder Broad - Chapter 11

digital replica
with short chapter summaries
optimized for ebook viewing
with short chapter summaries

Excellent drawings show a beautiful super-heroine in assorted traps, fights, contraptions, restraints, torments, and costumes. Mr. Stanton's skill with ink and pencil creates multiple views of a voluptuous beauty in a succession of painful positions.

A super crime fighter, Blundie tangles with tough guys and even tougher women. Unfortunately, the voluptuous Amazon gets distracted, misled, tricked, ambushed and cheated.

Seven Binds includes Blunder Broad chapters five through eleven, which were published by Mr. Stanton. Each of the seven chapters shows scenarios in which Blunder Broad strikes for justice and criminal apprehension. But her mean foes get back at her through deceit and traps. In both ebook versions, a few sentences precede each chapter and summarize the narrative of the pictures.

Chapter Five — Our super-heroine apprehends little Count Dastardly and his enormous accomplice as they attempt to break in to a warehouse. Towering in triumph over her vanquished giant, the Count assails her. While they grapple, he hits her head with a flashlight. While she's unconscious, he puts her in livery.

Chapter Six — He rides her to a remote barn to wreak intimate punishment. While BB hangs by her ankles, Leopard Lady appears.

Chapter Seven — Although exhausted, BB agrees to fight LL to gain freedom. But Leopard Lady fights dirty and ropes Blundie into defeat.

Chapter Eight — During a crime-stopping night patrol, a suede-garbed thief named Covergirl swipes Blunder Broad's magic lariat. The rope requires its captive to be obedient to whoever ties it. While bound, Covergirl gives Blundie a powerful dose of aphrodisiac, which renders her urgently stimulated and changes parts of her body. Seeking relief, she uses the first man she sees.

Chapter Nine — On another night patrol, Blundie encounters Covergirl stealing jewelry. While they grapple, BB spies Mister Speed wrestling with a woman. She does well in the fight with Speed, until an unidentified hand hits her in the head.

Chapter Ten — Seeking medical attention, she arrives at the office of Dr. Sonyer and Nurse Bobbi. After the sexy doctor morphs into an angry barbarian and Bobbi installs a strap-on, they use hapless Blundie for their own cruel pleasure. They tighten a net around her and hang her upside down.

Chapter Eleven — Covergirl picks her up, enjoys her assets, and borrows her super-heroine costume. While Covergirl pursues crime dressed as Blundie, Count Dastardly takes pictures of Blunder Broad in a variety of humiliating gags and bondage devices. Leopard Lady uses the pictures to blackmail Blundie into being her maid and sex-slave.

He loved his super-heroine and gave her dazzling beauty and touching pathos. Hewn as satire of comic book crime-stoppers with super-human powers, she and her relentless villains flit about a world of fetishes, bondage, strange sex, and magic. The Maestro orchestrated mishaps to expose Blunder Broad's spectacular form in high-heeled boots, while her despicable nemeses hurt and bind the woman, or tease her into a stupor of arousal.

Mr. Stanton's pen and pencil shape sexy curves, lovely hair and a sweet countenance for his foiled fighter. He imbues his vulnerable character with a precious femininity that asks to be touched. She's pinup pretty but often seen in nasty bondage or otherwise misused.

Page sequence and page layout were not modified in the full-sized digital replica. Contrast and brightness were adjusted, yielding clear pictures on ebook pages. Some dark shading was made lighter but still shows the abrasion of pencil lead on textured sketch paper.

Sixty pages of illustration, one and four panels per page. All original scans.

The optimized version breaks apart multi-panel illustration, placing each picture on a separate page. Tasty fetish details and pretty features are repeated, enlarged, next to the complete drawing or on the following page. More than 150 ebook pages deliver clear access to luscious figures and faces, carefully sketched by the Maestro in his last period. There has never been a better mechanism for enjoying this superb fetish art.

Two ebooks, one of them optimized, delivered by download link.

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