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Stantoons 5

Stantoons 5
published by Eric Stanton
New York, New York

two optimized ebooks

A strong, statuesque blond, Flavia wears stockings and heels as she ensures the security of a jewelry store. Aspiring to burglary, arrogant Rodney underestimates her abilities and she quickly subdues him. Lovely Flavia wrestles him to the floor and straddles him. She gives his nose a tour of her panties, up-close and fragrant. After using him for pleasure, she calls authorities.

Lady Princker, part 3
The Maestro envisions a Princk dominated world in 2005. The episode describes the male-humiliating exploits of Janetta and Paige. Pictures show voluptuous Princkstresses doing what they do best: showing off in stockings, heels and short skirts, sitting on faces, inserting their erect shafts into men. Their expressions suggest that Princks have a wonderful time using men as playthings.

Blunder Broad, chapter 15
Chapter 14 is a component of Pleasure Parade 6 [see SKU: #389] and this episode refers to characters in its predecessor. Relaxing after victory, Dana King becomes the target of extraterrestrials who come to earth in a disc-shaped craft. The aliens, who have the form of male genitalia, restrain and abduct our heroine, spurting sticky fluid in the process.

Poor Letty, 1
While Mr. Stanton worked in pencil, Mr. Marculeta paints his characters. At the beach, Letty, her sister and two friends decide to remove the tops of their suits to facilitate tanning. When husband Terry finds his wife engaged in public display, he drags her to their house for a spanking. Later, he spanks his sister-in-law for smoking. Some contrived psychology as sister recalls how father tanned them both in earlier days.

The original booklet was made using a copy machine to duplicate art. The excellent drawings vary in size and orientation. As some pictures in Blunder Broad and Poor Letty episodes are small, one optimized ebook with somewhat shorter pages contains these two stories. As Manhandler and Lady Princker pictures are almost as tall as pages, they are presented in a standard-sized optimized ebook. Both ebooks fill the screen with images when Adobe Acrobat Reader is maximized.

Some illustrations show clear pencil lines and shading on a white field. Lady Princker was rendered in many colors of gray. Poor Letty was created with paint and pictures show brush strokes.

Ebooks disconnect most prose from art with blocks of narrative on separate pages. As possible, tasty fetish content repeats, enlarged, beside the complete picture or on the next page. While this layout is intended to reduce the need for zooming and scrolling, most pictures are clear when magnified in Acrobat Reader.

To make the most of the art, each picture was managed differently. On female characters in Blunder Broad and Manhandler, shading was revised to better show shadow and contour. Line-by-line image editing develops clarity in shapes and details.

Two optimized ebooks deliver convenience not offered by the paper booklet or any other mechanism. All original scans.

The Maestro created fascinating images of luscious females in control. In his worlds, strong feminine debauchers wrest wanton treats from men they conquer. The digital iteration discloses content and detail that the original obscures. There has never been a better presentation of Stantoons erotica.

Two optimized ebooks, delivered by download link.

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