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Jennifer Jordan
Fetish Doll DeLuxe
an original anthology
photography from
9 magazines, 1967 to 1981

optimized for ebook viewing

Most of what has been written about Jennifer Jordan is false. The following is not based on information, knowledge, research or any record. It is speculation, surmise and inference.

Born in Hungary in 1938, Jutka Goz endured Nazi occupation. After the war, she survived Soviet occupation. At some point, probably in the 1950s, she won the title of Miss Hungary in a beauty contest. In the 1960s, she arrived in the US.

In 1967, she appears for the first time in a magazine [MODern Life Illustrated] associated with Leonard Burtman. She models a black leather dress against a Maserati in Central Park. Tana Louise, Mr. Burtman's first wife, contributes the leather costume.

In the late 1960s, Mr. Burtman marries Jutka Goz and begins to use her as a model in magazines such as Bizarre Life, Three, and Corporal. She appears as Jennifer Jordan, Jenifer Jordan, Jenifer Jordon, and Jeanne Burton. She models in photographs that work as fumetti in Consolidated photo fiction booklets such as Burglar in Bondage and Nursed into Submission and Capri Publishers' The New Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline.

In the 1970s, JJ models at numerous photo shoots that are printed in various Eros Goldstripe magazines and eventually launches a magazine brand under her own name. She produces adult videos. Indeed, no model has had a history such as hers.

How would a model be treated if she were the boss's wife? When working a photo shoot, she'd consistently have the best: the best costumes, the best hosiery, the best photographers, the best wigs, the best co-stars. She might wear her own footwear and custom corsets. All would be orchestrated to show the boss's wife in the best possible light in comfortable circumstances.

A petite beauty with sexy countenance, Jennifer Jordan gave us a body of work that delineates the fierce appearance of a living room diva, whether mean bitch or angry avenger. Not a dominatrix, who provides services for customers for a fee, she shows off in complete fetish attire, usually holding an implement of punishment. She demonstrates what a woman might look like if she were engaged in forcing a man to
lick her boots.

Sometimes outrageous, her makeup carefully accents big eyes and high cheekbones. Coiffures often include a ponytail. The femininity of this shapely woman in stockings, corset, high heels, long leather gloves and tight panties, who sometimes wears ribbons in her hair, works as counterpoint to the whip she holds in her right hand. Giving us the image of a dominant female, she shows her exotic fury as a fetish doll, probably the realization of her husband's dream girl.

The optimized ebook collects pictorials of Jennifer Jordan and her pretty cohorts from 9 magazines, 1967 to 1981. Many scenarios have a man on the carpet, but a woman is punished in two. In one of the best sets, a delivery guy is transformed into a female with wig, stockings and high heels.

The tonality of photos has been adjusted and spots re-touched. The anthology offers 350 photographs, some of which only picture the other model(s) in the set. The cover and title page of each magazine precedes the pictures derived from it. Precious fetish details, such as stockings, boots, shoes and corsets, are repeated next to the complete image or on the following page(s). Even if you had looked at these magazines many times, the optimized ebook would disclose details you had never seen.

Fetishists and domination fans will find much to enjoy in this unique album of whip-wielding, leather-clad pinups. For those who like pretty legs in stockings, well-fit corsets, high-heeled pumps, tall boots, or long gloves, the optimized ebook delivers delicious fetish dolls whose domination delicacies can be enjoyed again and again.

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