#564 - Women in Fights, Vol 3

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Women in Fights, Volume Three
an original anthology,
derived from multiple, public domain sources

optimized for ebook viewing

WIF-3-PIC-1bb copy.pngThirteen comic stories show strong women who fight with friends, strangers, and relatives, both male and female. Mostly wrestling, fights are set in back yards, the beach, the gym, at home, in the ring, and in an office.

All but one of the stories is by Eric Stanton, and he often orchestrates sexual rewards for the victor. He crafts tough, voluptuous ladies with fantastic feminine curves, and shows us their muscles. The contents include
-My Husband, the Loser
-Carol's Gym
-Vicious Sisters Fight
-Damia's Arena
-She Loves to Wrestle
-Sally, June & Joan
-Pin-Down Interrogation
-Dull Day in the Neighborhood
-Deadly Desire
-Sister with Muscles
-The Brutal Baroness

WIF-3-PIC-2 copy.pngMuch of his later work was printed on electrostatic copy machines. Scanning the pages develops images with graininess and waffle patterns. Rough textures on female characters have been addressed in the ebook by using a digital technique that smooths contour highlights and depicts sinewy shading with an airbrush effect. All illustrations of women in the ebook are clear.

The ebook is more than 420 pages, but about 160 pages are nothing but text. The wide, optimized pages are filled with images of fierce womanhood from top to bottom, reducing the need for zooming and scrolling. The ebook will appeal to fighting females enthusiasts as well as Eric Stanton fans.

The last 60 pages of the ebook contain the complete content of Cat Fight, Volume 2, a Mutrix booklet. Although the cover shows a delightful Gene Bilbrew illustration, the drawings within are unrelated to the cover or the wrestling women story. Several photographs show women in stockings, garter belts, and panties grappling with each other on a bed.

One optimized ebook, 35 mb, delivered by download link.

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