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Women in Fights,
240+ ebook pages
an original anthology, based on five sources
that do not show publisher, copyright or date
optimized for ebook viewing

WIF-PIC1.jpgWomen in Fights collects 12 comic stories by two great artists in a single digital volume. Culled from five sources, the range of both Glen and Eric Stanton stories in the anthology covers long periods in their careers. A few of the stories from Stanton's last period include pages of narrative text, and some of the pictures have a rough, sketchy texture.

Often dressed only in their underwear, stockings and heels, pretty women, punch, pin, pinch, poke, push, kick, yank, scissor, sit, twist, wrench, wrestle, lock and throw pies. Many of these scenarios involve an arrogant character who is taught a lesson. Attractive and desirable, these vigilant ladies with impressive strength invariably encounter trouble.

The content is optimized for ebook viewing. More than 240 ebook pages show only one panel or a detail. The aspect ratio of the pages is intended to fill the wide rectangle of Acrobat Reader on your monitor screen. To achieve maximum enlargement of the characters, walls, floors and furniture have been cropped out of some of the illustrations.

If you like these pictures, the optimized ebook medium may be the best way to enjoy them.

One optimized ebook, delivered by download link.

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