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Leg Show, Volume 1, Number 6,
Selbee Associates [Leonard Burtman], 1963,
a digital replica

Leg Show, Volume 1, Number 6,
optimized for ebook viewing

Female Supremacist,
Eric Stanton
optimized for ebook viewing

LEG SHOW, Volume 1, Number 6
The ebook contains every word and picture of the 72-page original. It is of interest to Selbee/Burtman fans because its contents comprise no part of any anthology.

Most of the magazine consists of pictorials of individual models posing in stockings, cinchers, garter belts and high-heeled (i.e, mostly three-inch) footwear, including, boots, mules, sandals, and pumps.

• One short story, introduced by a full-page Eric Stanton illustration

• An essay by Carlson Wade with photographs comparing the appeal of legs and lips.

• Entries in a Loveliest Limbs contest.

• Legs from Letters, with photos

• Pictorials of models Jane Matthews, Madeline Roberts, Jean Grey, Chris Carter, Nancy Kane, Mary Sutton, and Mimi Fontana.

Many page layouts were revised to obtain larger pictures of the models. The page sequence has been revised for continuity and convenience.

Leg Show, optimized for ebook viewing
Each of the photos and illustrations is placed on a wide ebook page proportioned to fill the horizontal space framed by Acrobat Reader on monitor screens. The nearly complete image is sized to fill the screen from top to bottom. Some of the walls, floors and furniture have been cropped out of pictures to obtain maximum presentation of models. As many of the pictures are small, this technique is probably the best way to enjoy all the precious details in the original material. The result is a 120+ page pinup album, designed to reduce the need for zooming and scrolling.

legshow 16 pic 2.pngFEMALE SUPREMACIST
Mr. Stanton was a master of the pencil, and this work demonstrates his virtuoso skill with clear lines and shadows that delineate his irresistible divas in all their fury. Filling his pictures with lovely curves, exciting contours, and beautiful faces, Mr. Stanton shows us what he likes to see.

In a debate with author Martin Marston on the question of gender superiority, voluptuous Regina King soon has the man flustered and speechless. Overwhelmed by her confidence and appeal, he becomes embarrassed in front of an audience of heckling women and his arrogant publisher. At the end of the story, these men learn their proper place in society.

The 30-page original has been given an ebook presentation of 70 pages. All text, which surrounds and invades drawings in the original, has been placed on separate pages preceding the described action. All drawings have been placed on wide, optimized ebook pages, sized to fill the screen. The sometimes pale lines have been darkened. Enlargements of precious details have been placed beside the complete image or on the following page. The art is wonderful, and the optimized ebook is a great way to enjoy it.

A free sample of Female Supremacist may be found here:


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