#477 - Female Mimics 6 1965

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Female Mimics, Number 6,
Health Knowledge, Inc., 1965
digital replica

Female Mimics pictures professional female impersonators as they perform on stage in night clubs and prepare to do so. Several pictorials shows pretty young femmes dressing up at home. The layouts and graphics of this magazine are clearly superior to typical Health Knowledge and Selbee products.

The first 10 pages show “man-sized international star” Randy Taylor dressing up in Mr. Burtman's apartment. In patterned stockings, mules, gloves and holding a riding crop, Randy looks like many other lovelies who have posed in fetish costumes on the hard floor behind the front door. Winnie Sommers and Abby Sinclair are also shown at home.

Classy fashion model Cappucine is shown in the bathtub, in her kitchen, bedroom, living room and on her balcony with the Eiffel Tower in the background. We're told that this fabulous Parisian endured surgery to complete her transformation, after years as a professional female mimic.

An extensive pictorial presents the many performers who show off at New York's 82 Club, near Greenwich Village. Comedians, singers, dancers and strippers all project femininity on stage at this plush night club, known for its elaborate productions.

A native of Florida and alumnus of the Jewel Box Revue, Ricky “Mr. Entertainment” Renee is shown in his many female guises at the Cabaret Pointe in Hamburg Germany. There, and at other European venues, he impersonates Mae West, Pearl Bailey, Lili St. Cyr and Jayne Mansfield.

F M 6 PIC 2 copy.pngIn his long essay, “Mister Actress.” John Chalmers defines transvestism, castrati and acting. Covering the illustrious history of men performing female roles in the theater, he identifies the Mister Actress who first played Shakespeare's Juliet and follows the progress of female mimics in plays through the Industrial Revolution, the Victorian Era, Vaudeville and the modern period.

Although not listed in the table of contents, letters from readers (with photos) fill the last pages of the magazine. A large-format digital replica, every word and picture of the original, including ads, are included in the ebook. Most page layouts have have been modified to obtain larger pictures on the ebook pages. To do this, some walls, floors, furniture and ceilings were cropped out of photos. The page sequence was revised to obtain continuity of the prose piece. 72 ebook pages.

One digital replica ebook, delivered by download link.

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