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Family Affair
by Eric Stanton
Books 6, 7 and 8
from Stantoons 11, 12 and 13
self-published, probably 1983-1984
New York, New York

two optimized ebooks
one without text

Mr. Stanton created painfully desirable women, who prove dangerous for their admirers. These powerful beauties follow their own perverse agendas, which usually involve infliction of pain, restraint and humiliation. Their physical appeal draws hapless men close, but that proximity invariably provides opportunity for spanking or whipping.

The family of Family Affair consists of Lorraine and daughter Dolly, who marry into the family of Henry and his children Lilly and Teddy. These episodes also include Bettina the maid. Lilly is not seen.

Book 6 begins with a road trip to the home of Henry's wealthy brother Arthur. On the way, Dolly makes herself more than comfortable on her step-brother's face and asks her mother to explain how she and Henry met. Their history is told as a flashback to their younger college days. After Henry helps Lorraine with her homework, he massages her, which leads to wrestling.

The reminiscence continues in Book 7. Lorraine dominates their informal wrestling match, which leads to Henry getting bound, spanked and locked in a closet. In Book 8, at Arthur's estate, the family meets him, his son Gregory, daughter Ella, and Ms. Haind, the governess. After Gregory kicks Dolly, she wrestles him to the ground and spends the remainder of the episode in a triumphant straddle.

On each original page, text describes illustration. Some of the text includes character dialog but no pictures have balloons. The ebook separates prose from art. More than 150 pages, 60+ pages show only text. For those who prefer pictures without prose, this product includes a 90+ page optimized ebook without any text.

The original booklets were made using a copy machine to duplicate Mr. Stanton's art. Files from websites served as source material for the ebook iterations. Some image files show clear pencil lines and shading on a white field, but most drawings are embedded in gray backgrounds. All of the downloaded images had lower than optimum resolution and undesirable dot patters.

To reduce graininess on the female characters, every line and shadow has been revised to restore the appearance of soft shading and pencil strokes. Multiple image-editing adjustments yield smooth textures and contours while preserving the shapes and attitudes of the Maestro's dominating female figures.

Some pages contain two or more borderless comic panels. The optimized ebooks separate the panels from each other, placing each scene on its own page. Complete pictures appear on the page following prose that describes it. About half the pictures have their main female content repeated, filling the following page. While the layout is intended to reduce the need for zooming and scrolling, most pictures are clear when magnified in Acrobat Reader.

The Maestro created irresistible images of female power, and the Family Affair series shows us the fierce charms of a mother and daughter duo who enjoy hurting men and women. The optimized ebook iterations disclose content and detail that the originals concealed in grainy darkness. Line-by-line image editing has produced clear and convenient presentation of Mr. Stanton's sexy sadists.

Two optimized ebooks, one without text, delivered by download link.

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