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Family Affair, Book One
Eric Stanton, 1975
a digital replica
optimized for ebook viewing

FA-I-PIC1 copy.pngThe preface to Family Affair, a 100-page, hardcover book published in 1975, says that the story was suggested by friends of the Maestro. But it is Mr. Stanton, through his pencil drawings, who tells us what happened in this household. Outrageous, bizarre, the relationships described have no antecedent in fiction or film.

Of course, Mr. Stanton has achieved his objectives as illustrator, his pictures showing the shapes, faces, and stormy moods of Lorraine and Dolly, the formidable ladies who have seized control of Henry's household. And while it's difficult to imagine Mr. Stanton receiving more praise than he deserves as an accomplished artist, Family Affair reveals him as a creative story-teller, who delineates characters with personalities that drive events. It also appears that he wrote and lettered the dialog, which appears in borderless balloons.

FA-I-PIC2 copy.pngFor those who enjoy femdom narrative, Family Affair, Book One, is a tasty treat for the eye and imagination. In the opening sequence, teenaged Dolly boxes with her step-brother, then wrestles him, fixes him in a scissor hold between her pretty legs, twists his arm, smothers him, pins him, then sits on his face and obtains pleasure that makes her smile. While this occurs, her mother, Teddy's step-mother, sits and coaches her daughter to perfect her techniques.

Henry appears with his head bandaged and his arm in a sling. Apparently, the honeymoon was over. When Henry protests Teddy's punishments, Lorraine picks up a baseball bat. Then, she spanks her new husband with his belt, his head between her thighs, as Teddy and Dolly watch.

The remainder of the book shows more spanking, bondage, face-sitting, and humiliation. They subdue, injure and intimidate the man of the house, his son, Teddy, and his daughter, Lilly.

This is not the arid atmosphere of the girl/girl bondage comics (e.g., Pleasure Bound, Sorority Girls, Figure Training Academy) of Mr. Klaw's mid-century mail order enterprise. It was made after the words "Sexual Revolution" appeared on the covers of news magazines. Family Affair develops a thematic expansion of the fetish divas in bad moods shown in Mr. Burtman's Exotique and Bizarre Life photography, but more fully realized here, without the pesky limitations of reality. Indeed, there appears to be no limit to the punishments the sexy protagonists exact: their barely justified indignation goes on and on in Book One and the many sequels.

To situate characters in an institutional setting (e.g., a wife sending her husband to an academy for rehabilitation or vice versa) where proper conduct is “taught” through series of restraints and punishments is a familiar idiom in s-m fiction. To place the characters in the intimacy of a household, to have step-mother and step-sister enforce a painful regimen of arbitrary discipline, and derive orgasmic pleasure from it, is a masochist's fantasy that few have described in any medium.* The originality of the narrative and its humid details distinguish this work from everything that precedes it.

FA-I-PIC3 copy.pngTo acknowledge the circumstances as a fantasy with erotic value, to expect that others will enjoy the eroticism of its family of cruel females and subjugated males demonstrates audacity and confidence of colossal scale. It is a pioneering work.

The anthologies of the 1990s made Mr. Stanton renown for his other fiction involving angry wives and their cowed spouses. Family Affair is not part of those collections. Online, bookstores sell the rare Family Affair, Book One tome for more than $100. Its pages are available as downloads on many pay and free websites.

One ebook is a digital replica of the original 100-page volume, including the front dust jacket and the preface. Although the ebook pages are small, the scans have 600 dpi resolution. No changes have been made to adjust the tonality of these images.

The cover announces 155 illustrations and the contents accomplish this by placing multiple pictures on many of the pages. The optimized ebook breaks pages apart, positioning each image on a separate, wide ebook page. The dialog balloons have been moved to the side, in many cases, to allow the grand female figures to fill the pages from top to bottom. This layout is intended to reduce the need for zooming and scrolling. Contrast has been adjusted. In a few cases, some drawing elements have been repeated enlarged.
160 ebook pages.

Two ebooks, one of them optimized, delivered by download link.

*A similar scenario is shown in the series of 16 drawings by Gregor: a married couple and other family, under the mean dominance of the new lady of the house.

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