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Maria Stinger in Bondage, Volume One,
Nutrix Co., 1960
Jersey City, New Jersey
digital replica

Chastisement of Alannah
photographs by John Willie, c.1958
Prima Book & Publishing Co., c. 1966
Los Angeles, California
digital replica

Bound Together
Blue Ball Sales, c. 1966
probably New York
digital replica

Maria Stinger in Bondage, Volume One
Mr. Klaw’s Movie Star News sold publicity stills of feature films. For years, male customers asked for photographs of scenes that showed actresses tied up by the villain. It occurred to him that he could sell even more pictures of women bound by ropes if he produced the photographs himself.

In the 1950s, Maria Stinger worked as a pinup model for Bunny Yeager and other photographers. She won contests as a Marilyn Monroe look alike. Her pictures appeared in many “girlie” magazines, including Vue, Focus, Stare, Frolic, and Bold.

This Nutrix book alternates pages of prose with photographs. The text provides descriptive fluff about bondage techniques and paraphernalia, the other models in photos and the attitudes and feelings of those involved. The details may have only a
loose connection with what actually happened.

Attractive models in well-fit stockings, corselettes, dresses and heels make this a good Nutrix booklet. A house, probably in Florida, is the setting for the bondage pictures.

Most pictures show two women. Models include Virginia Kirby, Bernice Upsan, Chris Luvlee, Natalie Kent, Betty Page, and others. Photography/lighting, costumes, printing and typesetting are superior to most Nutrix booklets.

Furniture and ropes accomplish most bondage schemes, but a few outdoor pictures involve a tree. As in many Klaw publications, some of the undies have been expanded by the application of paint.

The tonality of photographs was adjusted, and specks and spots re-touched. The original page sequence has been retained. Although fairly characterized as a digital replica, the ebook format is actually a hybrid, delivering an excellent view of every image. Some walls and floors have been cropped out of the photos to achieve larger images of the models. The ebook contains all of the original, including two pages of ads for Nutrix products.

Chastisement of Alannah
In the late 1950s, while living in Hollywood, John Willie made a series of photographs he called Stolen Date. Dissatisfied with the product of the first photo session, he re-shot the set.

Pictures tell the story of a woman who has a date her roommate wants. She restrains her roommate to steal the date. The complete set may have been 100 pictures, but the Alannah version has about 25 of them.

Printed on un-coated paper, Chastisement of Alannah is a cheap booklet that uses someone else's content. While most covers are printed on heavy paper, Alannah's cover is the same paper as the interior pages. Saddle stitch binding is accomplished with but a single staple. And it's more than 40 years old.

The value here is a glimpse of Mr. Willie's vision of a true beauty, model Pat Conley, in high heels and stockings. As pretty as a woman can be, her figure rivals the loveliness of the slender ideal Mr. Willie expressed in his illustrations.

In Alannah, the pictures are poorly reproduced on paper unsuitable for photographs. Accompanying prose tells the story of a father who disciplines his daughter, who wants to go out with friends, although the pictures show two females.

These seldom-seen pictures showing pretty Ms. Conley in distress are virtually unknown these days. The ebook cannot restore the photos to their original level of quality, but the digital replica rescues the precious images from oblivion and provides good views of what Mr. Willie's photographs looked like.

Bound Together
The photos in this 36-page booklet were probably taken in a New York City hotel, as the text suggests.

The narrative tells us that Jean, an aspiring actress, enters Rose's hotel room and discovers implements of bondage in a drawer. When Rose appears, she explains that the collar, handcuffs and leg irons are props for a play.

Shapely models wear stockings and garter belts. One sports a small chastity device over her panties. Photographs show the two lovelies fixing each other in cuffs and chains. In the last scene, they are bound together, back to back.

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