#411 - Family Intrigue - Stantoons 47

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Family Intrigue
Eric Stanton
Stantoons 47
New York, New York

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fipic1 copy.pngI’ve received many requests for Eric Stanton’s Family Affair, and this offering is a bit of a sequel. The family – Lorraine, Teddy, Lily, Dolly, and Henry – operate a retail establishment that sells punishment and discipline equipment.

Customers use Teddy to try out bizarre discipline devices. Lorraine teaches a wife how to spank her husband. You get the picture: females punishing the men in their lives = a spanking good time.

Stanton’s women are so pretty they almost break your heart. His pencil work is superb here, full female curvaceousness everywhere you look. Based on a 45-page booklet, the optimized ebook makes the most of every line and shape on 110+ pages.

One optimized ebook, delivered by download link.

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