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Wrong Jail
a novel by Monty Farrel
cover illustration by Eric Stanton
An Original Unique Book, UB-153
Buffalo, New York

digital replica

Wrong Jail is a strange tale of an isolated hamlet populated by women who enjoy tormenting men. They organized a private community where the punishment of males works twisted justice. The novel provides an intimate view of these exotic premises, a world of bdsm scenarios involving tough beauties in exquisite fetish attire. The inventive author anticipated the colorful European latex styles that appeared in the 1990s.

Wrong Jail is offered here in ebook form because a customer asked for it. When customers make suggestions, it’s often something they enjoyed when they were younger but no longer have. Sometimes, I can’t find the suggested item. When I find the requested book or magazine (available at a reasonable price), the ebook product turns out to be better than average. Mr. Farrel's Wrong Jail will entertain readers who like stories about women forcing strong men to submit to female domination, discipline, and degrading demands.

This is one of the few ebooks we offer that has no pictures in it.

Uncle Jim assigns young Brad the task of finding a tract of land in the South that can be used as a site for a large factory. Before he leaves town, he proposes to passionate Jill, and they consummate their betrothal.

On the third day of his quest, Brad makes a wrong turn and winds up in Ancora, a private village that appears on no road map. The population consists of about 100 women, who wear little more than high-heeled boots and tight Bolero jackets, and 30 male slaves. The slaves work in a subterranean copper mine but may also serve tours of duty as sex slaves, won at auction. Brad drives a little too fast down Main Street and finds himself in jail.

When he's introduced to the social dynamics of the bizarre community, he is certain that no woman will ever be the boss of him. Their painful regimen of whippings and humiliations soon leads him to think differently. Their physical appeal, arrogant demeanor and relentless punishments introduce him to the masochist within.

Monty Farrel creates a peculiar domain where cruel women rule with sly smiles, quick quirts, rattan canes, martinets, crops and cats. A cell mate explains to Brad that he won't understand the irresistible allure of his sexy captors until he experiences their perverse protocols of boot and body worship. At some point, Brad comes close to experiencing the dark pleasures of emasculated helplessness (as well as more conventional treats).

Despite too many modifiers, the vivid prose assembles scary scenes with powerfully attractive women and humbled men. Agony, lovely bodies and fetish apparel are described in detail again and again. Some will enjoy these descriptions.

The text has been completely re-set for the ebook version. Editing changes a small amount of spelling, punctuation and words. No effort was made to make the prose concise.

With a painted cover by Eric Stanton, this 1968 classic tells a fast-moving story with attention to the sexual desires and misfortunes of a young man with attitudes that were typical of his time. The strong women in the cast of characters serve as female supremacists, an obvious exaggeration of “women's liberation” proponents, who generated a huge proportion of media rhetoric in that decade.

Although the vocabulary continues anatomical and sexual euphemism of the 1950s, scenes and circumstances show a deliberate drive toward satisfying fascination with sadism/masochism themes. Although court decisions finally permitted this kind of exposition in prose works, Wrong Jail stands as an audacious journey over subtle terrain that delivers a kinky cargo for its audience.

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