#366 - Classic Eric Stanton: Nutrix Mrs. Tyrant's School + Exotique Personality Series 2 - 1959

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Cruel Mrs. Tyrant's Bondage School,
illustrated by Eric Stanton
A Nutrix [Irving Klaw] publication, 1962,


presenting Joyce Miles Nanette Rockwell,
Exotique [Leonard Burtman/Tana Louise] personality series, No. 2, 1958

Cruel Mrs. Tyrant's Bondage School,
This digest-sized publication has 60 pages plus the covers. The ebook includes every page, including advertisements by Nutrix Co.
A tomboy, pretty Michelle likes to wear jeans and loafers and play tag-football with college boys. Aunt Emma decides to make a "lady" of her niece and enrolls her in Mrs. Tyrant's Finishing School for Girls. There, she must forgo masculine attire in favor of girlish undergarments. Over her objections, Miss Michelle must wear impossible corsets, long stockings, and outrageously high-heeled footwear while she endures the consequences of her misdemeanors.

The style of these drawings is similar to Stanton's contributions to Exotique. As in most Exotique illustrations, no males are shown in these tableaux. The 33 illustrations from the end of Stanton's first period are supplemented with about 30 pages of text.

The file displays two digest-sized pages on every ebook page. Except for a few two-picture spreads, a vertical illustration is on the right and text is on the left. This pattern re-organizes some of the page layouts of the monochrome book. In the original, even the horizontally-oriented illustrations were placed vertically on pages. This arrangement required the reader to rotate the book to view some of the pictures. In the ebook, every illustration matches the orientation of the text. The width of the rotated horizontal illustrations requires the ebook to have wide pages.

presenting Joyce Miles Nanette Rockwell
From 1951 to 1959, Leonard Burtman published Exotique magazine, a digest sized periodical “dedicated to Fads, Fashions and Fancies,” which is another way of saying, “specializing in the interests of fetishists.” Some historians characterize Exotique as a quarterly, and, during its first years of publication, may have been published at that frequency. It is difficult to discern as most issues show no dates. By 1959, a new Exotique was appearing at adult book stores every other month. Then, Mr. Burtman discontinued the title and began publishing several full-size magazines.

In 1998, Benedict Taschen published a complete reprint of the first 36 issues. During the lifetime of Exotique, Mr. Burtman published many special editions and ancillary booklets that bore the Exotique masthead, including Correspondence Digest, Novelettes, Foto Fiction, illustrated stories, comics and others. This volume is not a part of the Taschen collection.

For those interested in this esoteric corner of publishing history, we offer an ebook version of presenting: Joyce Miles Nanette Rockwell, published in 1958.

Two pretty models show off their pinup credentials in glamorous lingerie. Corsets, full-fashioned stockings, and sexy, high-heeled footwear, including pumps, mules and boots, adorn these lovelies on 16 digest-sized pages.

Set in a modern 1950's living room that was decorated in what was then termed "contemporary" style, the makeup is dramatic and the fetish apparel precisely adjusted. The sharp photography is well-lit, with few of the undesirable shadows typically produced by flash bulbs.

Both the original and the ebook consist of full-page photographs, with one monochrome image on each ebook page.

Two e-books, both digital replicas, delivered by download link.

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