#311 - Exotique magazine, 11, 1956

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Exotique, Number 11
Burmel Publishing Company [Leonard Burtman],
New York, New York

a digital replica


Exotique 11,

optimized for ebook viewing

EXOTIQUE 11exq11pic1.jpg
The ebook contains all 64 pages of Exotique, Number 11, plus the covers. The magazine describes itself as "the publication of Femmes, Fiction, and Future Fashions . . . OF THE BIZARRE AND THE UNUSUAL . . . " This is another way of saying, "focusing on the interests of fetishists."

One of Mr. Burtman’s most important contributions to the art and history of fetish publishing was his continuous presentation of the works of Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew (who also signed his drawings as Eneg, Van Rod, J Bondy, Gilbert and other names). This issue contains two pages of fantasy boot illustrations by Mr. Bilbrew plus three pages of his MISTRESS serial. [See Item number: 180142093181 for the complete MISTRESS comic serial ebook.] In 9 full-page illustrations, Mr. Stanton demonstrates his early virtuoso talent with form and line.

In her From Me to You column, Tana Louise (Mr. Burtman's wife at the time) tells of an evening when she dressed in a sleek satin sheath and wore her corset over it to a posh Manhattan eatery. A few days later, the restauranteur sends her a pair of strappy, high-heeled sandals, which she models in a photo.

In the short story "The Education and Training of a Young Lady,” shy Janet is introduced to the rigors of tight-lacing by two experienced women. Articles discuss “The Weaker of the Species” and “Rolled Stockings.” In full-page photographs, shapely models show off their pinup credentials in corsets, long gloves, stockings, mules, pumps and boots. Good photography, improved by the ebook process.

EXOTIQUE 11, optimized for ebook viewing
exq11pic2.jpgThis is the first Exotique we concurrently presented in digital replica and optimized versions. Each of the fine photos and illustrations is placed on a wide ebook page proportioned to fill the horizontal space framed by Acrobat Reader on monitor screens. The nearly complete image is shown at one end and enlargements of footwear, corsets and stockings appear beside it or on the following page. Some of the walls, floors and furniture have been cropped out of pictures to obtain maximum presentation of the models and characters. As Exotique pages are small, this technique is probably the best way to enjoy all the precious details in the original material.

Two e-books, digital replica and optimized, delivered by download link.

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